Thursday, October 17, 2013

Oman (Pt.I)

O M A N 

D  A  Y      O  N  E

So recently as a part of my gap year placement in Dubai, I went to visit one of the neighboring countries and it's beauty. The trip was short but compact ;) Within 72 hours I had seen numerous amounts of Castles, ocean fronts, Mosque's, government buildings, old town, new town and of course even a little taste of the traditional shopping experience. Oman is amazing, and hopefully before I jet back to Europe I'll be able to visit it's beauty again. 
Happy Thursday !

 Oman Part one outfit
(Salmon Trousers - Zara)
(White lose tank - TopShop)
(Silver linings sunnies - Monki)
(Snapback - Nike)
(Leather Backpack - Pimkie)
(Black studded satchel - Accesories)
(Strappy slippers - Buffalo)
(Printed Flats - Zara) 


  1. I went to oman a few years back and I too am dying to go back, it was such a wonderful adventure. :)

    1. it was truly breathtakingly beautiful :) xx

  2. omg your body. <3

  3. I love the snapback cap, usually i get annoyed when grls try and pull it off just to be "cool", but it really suits ur style

  4. please don't shut down millionknifes!!! you don't have to keep posting on it but please keep it so your fans can look at it!!!!

    1. I wasn't planning on shutting it down, but this blog is pretty much a continuation of that blog, hopefully you will enjoy this one too dear xx

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