Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hot Little Jacket

H   O   T         L   I   T   T   L   E        J   A   C   K   E   T

This is by far my favorite look that I have shot up to this point of blogging. I am way past just being in love with this dress, a white maxi is a must have for every closet. I paired up my ZARA wrap maxi with a biker jacket and a beanie to add a bit more edge. However I kept the shoes elegant so the dress wouldn't totally drown and lose it's magic.
Not only is this my favorite look, but also one of my favorite places in Dubai. A full view of the Burj Kalifa, and the water fountains, creating the perfect oasis in the midst of the beautiful but a tad crowded city.
Peace out Lovelies !
(A     T     T     I     R    E)
(White wrap front slit Maxi - ZARA)
(Beanie - Carhardtt)
(Leather Jacket - ZARA)
(SELFIE Phone case - New Look)
(Nude Strappy Heels - XXI)


  1. do you wear that beanie everyday?

    1. It wouldn't matter if she does, lotta you look great in it :)))

    2. haha I really really don't I promise, but I really like it. Sorry xx

  2. this outfit is perfect :)

  3. O: you look amazing

  4. your phone case is awesome :DDDDD

  5. wow! you look SO stunning! I love your style so much!
    Emma xx