Thursday, January 30, 2014

Night on the town

N   I   G   H   T        o n    t h e         T   O   W   N  
As my last weekend here I couldn't help myself but go experience the night life of Dubai. See another side of this gorgeous place and enjoy the cool night breeze, even though January day time weather here has been quite bearable. I paired up a simple tee with the black out turned skirt to keep the emphasis on the amazing Kurt Geiger platforms (the ones I simply cannot get over). To finish off the night time look I opted for my clear clutch to have at least one item of interest in the mix.
Cheers to the weekend !

 (A   T   T   I   R   E)
(Simple Blazer - Hennes & Mauritz)
(Nouveau Punk Tee - ZARA)
(Skirt - ZARA)
(Clear Box Clutch - Mango * Touch)
(White leather Lassie Platforms - Kurt Geiger for Top Shop)


  1. like seriously... get a job modelling

  2. your legs are perfect

  3. Why don't you ever post photos of you and your boyfriend on your blog? You guys look really good together :))

    1. That's very sweet, but I don't have a boyfriend haha ;)