Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Palm Paradise

Made it back to Dubai again for the second half of my gap year adventures. I enjoyed the change of pace the last few weeks during the holidays, but I did miss the sunshine and all the palm trees. I can't wait to continue exploring this region of the world.
Here's a few shots of my first day back lunch outfit. I am in love with this electric blue oversized clutch, especially when in use for casual encounters.
Happy Thursday, Peace out Habibtii's :*

(P A L M   P A R A D I S E  W E A R)
(White tuxedo cut blazer - Hennes&Mauritz)
(Grey simple tank dress - Top Shop)
(Blue oversized clutch - XXI)
(White classic high tops - Chuck Taylor)


  1. you're a little chubby. I doubt you workout as much as you say you do

    1. pretty especially in your midriff

    2. That is absolutely ridiculous.. someone needs to redefine their idea of chubby

    3. Lotta isn't chubby, what's wrong with you?

    4. you do know there is a such a thing as photo shop...

    5. You do know the body-shaming is just as destructive to you as it is to anyone else... the fact that you think Lotta is chubby is awful and I think the standards you put on people is heartbreaking.

    6. Thank you for your opinion, and thank you for those who stuck up for me.
      I'd just like to ask that all comments refer to the material posted, since all unrelated comments will be deleted.
      Thank you and I hope you enjoy your day :)