Friday, February 21, 2014


Finally back and settled in Munich for a little while, at least the pending time before the start of uni. To my happy surprise it isn't entirely freezing so I could finally wear the biker jacket again. I was more into letting the accessories make this outfit than anything else, even though I am wearing the ultimate love of my life "The disco pants". I paired up my golden oversized watch with my chunky dog charm bracelet  matched with the nude heels and pale pink purse.
Here's to the weekend !

(2   1   0   2   1   4)
(Snap Back - 59')
(Biker Jacket - ZARA)
(Grey Sweater - Gina Tricot)
(Disco Pants - River Island)
(Pink Purse - Bershka)
(Gold Oversized Watch - Miss Selfridge)
(Dog Chain Bracelet - Hennes & Mauritz)
(Nude Heels - XXI)


  1. I love the jacketttttt<3 always love your posts :) - possuhuora

  2. I looooove disco pants on you

  3. on instagram you posted how much weight you'd lost and I just wanted to say congratulations :) but on you're old blog you had a schedule for fitness February and it really helped. But now when I want to go on and see it, it says I need an invitation. Could you post it on this site so I can see it? Thanks <3

    1. Thank you so much lovely :) there's a similar one up on this blog too if you go to the top and checkout the #FitnessFebruary tab, it's not entirely the same but I feel it's a lot more effective. Hope this helps ! xx