Saturday, February 1, 2014


It's nearly time for me to leave Dubai and return to Europe again and I can't find the words to describe the amazing, frustrating and eye opening adventures I have experienced in my past four months here. In coming to Dubai the entire region (the entire middle east) was completely new to me. The only things I knew when entering this foreign territory was what I had seen in Sex & the City 2. In all honesty I owe Carrie Bradshaw a great big thank you, there were many times where I found her adventures parallel to mine.
I think what I will miss the most is swimming daily, being able to see such variety in beautiful architecture and to be in a country that understands the value of shopping in a social sense and therefor devotes an entire festival to it. (Three Cheers to DSF, may you be the death to my bank account) Or even my personal daily dose of serotonin thanks to the constant sunshine and no corner left without a palm tree.
I hope I will be able to re-visit this fantastic state some time in the near future and once again be able to take advantage of it's diverse atmosphere to ensue a never ending list of must-do photo shoots.
Peace out Dubai !