Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sweater Weather

I was totally expecting there to just be constant rain and cold winds blowing through the city my entire trip but to my surprise there was some sunshine. So in that case I can't really be surprised when a city with such constant cloudy weather has a collection of never ending beautiful sunglasses. (Which by the way happens to be tons better than what I had run into whilst in constantly sunny Dubai.) Not to mention the perfectly stylish variety of items available at the street markets London might just be my new favorite city. 
Peace out Loves ! 

(S W E A T E R     W E A T H E R)

(Baby Blue Sunnies - Topshop)
(CĂ©line Sweater - Street market)
(Out Turned Skirt - ZARA)
(Evil Eye Bracelet - Aloha Helsinki)
(Oversized Watch - Miss Selfirdge)
(Ankle Boots - ZARA)
(Clear Clutch - Mango*Touch)
(Selfie phone case - New Look)


  1. Super coool pics and outfit

  2. Great outfit and really nice photos! Love that it looks like a spread in a fashion magazine.

  3. you belong in the modelling industry love, you are amazing!