Sunday, May 11, 2014

Casual Week

C A S U A L   W E E K

Sorry for the post break, but I had a tough long week thankfully the countdown to relaxing in the south of spain is on and going strong, probably the only thing that keeps me going at this point. I realized through the past week that when I post I tend to go more on the high effort side of the scale so in honor of getting through this stressy week I decided to share some of this weeks outfits.

Monday about 20˚ but pouring rain.
Despite the pouring rain I felt like going for something comfortable but with a little effort. I know I said these outfits are on the casual side, but I find nothing worse than losing sense of style just because it's monday. I paired up the super comfy New York crew neck with my grey marly skirt. I don't normally wear heels on week days but with the out turned skirt hem I couldn't resist to pair it up with my ankle boots.
(M O N D A Y  A T T I R E)
NEW YORK 32 - Brandy Melville
Grey Marly Skirt - Gina Tricot
Burgundy Satchel - Mango*Touch
Wet Toe Ankle Boots - Zara

I felt I needed to go full out girly on wednesday when the sun came out, I paired up my 90's slip dress with my leopard print over coat and loafers. Perfect lunch & work look, I know it isn't cold in may but I couldn't resist wearing my winter turban simply because I adore the aesthetics of it. 
(W E D N E S D A Y   A T T I R E)
(Leopard Coat - Gina Tricot)
(90's Slip Dress - Hennes&Mauritz)
(Loafers - River Island)
(Leather Tote - Mulberry)
(Knitted Turban - Gina Tricot)

Friday I went out to dinner and a movie with some friends after work. I paired up some jungle print pants with a grey crew neck. I realized the amount of grey crew necks I wear weekly is astonishing, and much more astonishing is the fact that I own over seven different kinds of them. I need to re-think some of my wardrobe staples. 
(F R I D A Y   A T T I R E)
(Céline Crew Neck - Camden)
(Jungle Print Jeans - Zara)
(Hightops - Chuck Taylor)
(Black Bag - Mango)
(oversized watch - Miss Selfridge)

On Sunday I dropped off a quarter of my oversized family at the airport for their weekly travels and adventures. I opted for the most casual thing I own, my pink trousers that also happened to match my pink donut nails. And as I always do within a week I repeat items, such as these über comfy tasseled loafers.
 (S U N D A Y   A T T I R E)
(White Tee - COS)
(Pink trousers - Zara)
(Cylinder tote - Seppälä)
(Loafers - River Island)
(Biker Coat - Zara)


  1. love love love love sunday's outfit!!

  2. All of these are awesome. Just. Yes. But Friday and Sunday take the cake for me :)

  3. wednesday and sunday outfits are perfect!

  4. you are beyond stunning Lotta!