Sunday, May 18, 2014

London Diaries

 After having spent the past weekend in hectic London with a crazy schedule I have now come to terms with the eventual end of my gap year spree. My past post high school year has been spent quite leisurely doing exactly what I love and nothing more so you can imagine my distress when I was thrown back into study mode out of the blue. When I say study mode I don’t actually mean I got out my books and pens, I just mean in 72 hours spent abroad I learned many valuable life lessons. The hard way. So instead of the usual OOTD-in-sunny-London-loving-life I compiled for you my newly learnt wisdom. 

1.When going for an interview dress to impress and preferably not in white. If you happen to love wearing white then eat with a bib. I happened to decide on a white two piece suit for a certain interview and with ample time headed downtown for my first Nando’s experience. I was sure to place a napkin on my lap and a have a few extra on the side, as I know myself being prone to ruining white clothes. I even made sure to have my chair a little away from the table to ensure a quick getaway incase of a spill. There was no way I was going to ruin my perfect impression outfit especially not whilst in London. However I was unfortunately seated next to a man who was having troubles with his ketchup. Three shakes of his bottle with the cap screwed on poorly and there I was, imitating the iconic (and very scary) pigs blood scene from Carrie. The first thing to pop into my head was “I need an outfit change”. There was no time to head back to the flat and switch to my next days outfit, and even that outfit was not as impressive as this one had been. Finding something that I could afford, I loved and that went with my print coat, tote and loafers became a huge challenge one that would cause me to miss my interview and run around oxford street looking like a hot mess. Thankfully the university understood the ketchup mishap and got me rescheduled. So I learned to eat at nando’s not wearing white (or If I must wear white I will also wear a raincoat/full-body-bib) and to pack an extra portable plan B for important interviews. 
2.Confrontation doesn’t come to me naturally as there is always a sure fire way to work around things without too much trouble and discomfort. However due to some poor choices on my behalf I have ended up wasting valuable time on a person(s) that I now wanted back. Too bad no matter how oversized your boyfriend watch is it still can’t turn back time. I felt that if I picked the correct outfit confrontation could come more easily to me prompting me to wear an LBD (A timeless piece that appeals to everyone is an ice breaker and also an opening for a quick getaway). However by the time I met up with this person(s) I began to doubt my choices, not because I was breaking a cardinal rule of taste with having both some cleavage and my legs showing but because of my oversized watch. It just became tacky instead of edgy in my pre-confrontation anxiety. I began to argue my side of the situation hoping to gain an apology for the time wasted but the watch kept on burdening my subconscious. I could feel my self playing with the clasps letting the watch slide into my palm and then back up my wrist. However as soon as the adrenaline kicked in the whole situation became a blur and the worries over my watch drowned by motivation to end the situation. I used my LBD the best way I knew how: To support a dramatic exit. By the time I had met my friends at a bar in soho and began to explain what had just happened I suddenly felt very light. It dawned on me that it wasn’t because I had just done something very good for my mental health, but because in the midst of the argument I had removed my oversized watch from my hand and it was now nowhere to be seen. With my tail between my hind legs I texted this person(s) to inquire if I had accidentally left my watch there. (A watch mind you I’ll definitely be needing on my trip to Mallorca) unfortunately the answer was yes. So incase you ever do need to use the exit line “I would appreciate it if you never contacted me again” make sure you have all your belongings with you to avoid further awkwardness by contacting them 30 minutes after the dramatic exit. Luckily for me I have amazing friends who don’t mind doing a little dirty work for me if it means retrieving my most loved watch.
Which brings me to my last and final London lesson: Cherish the hell out of your friends.
Happy Sunday !

(L D N  A T T I R E)
(Two Piece Textured Suit - Choies)
(Oversized tote - Mulberry)
(Loafers - River Island)
(Oversized Beach shirt - Topshop)
(White slip dress - Topshop)
(Sunnies - Topshop)
(Oversized Watch - Miss Selfridge)
(Chain with Lace detail - Freedom)
(Ketchup Stains - Heinz Ketchup)


  1. Great writing, I'm glad you got your watch back gorgeous :)))

  2. Where is your white top and skirt from?

  3. u should write more like this about ur life this is hilarious :D