Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mind Your Manners

Summer in Munich drives me crazy. Not only do the effects of pollen attack the allergic this late in the "spring time" but the weather it self behaves like an over emotionally loaded teenager having a melt down. I remember specifically last year at my graduation (in June mind you) suffering the wrath of a hail storm on my bare legs. (Mainly my fault since I refused to wear tights. I didn't shave my legs to have them covered) The week after that however was unbearably hot, even backless dresses gave no mercy, one just had to suffer the heat. Therefor in the summer I always find it difficult to dress my self. It is at this time of year when the weather and I share our mood swings, however unfortunately we are hardly ever in the same mood. Whenever the weather gets cold I start mood boarding "colder" outfits. However by the time an occasion to wear such an outfit arises the weather miraculously turns into unbearable heat. By that time I have been dreaming up so many cold weather outfits my brain can't think of hot weather wear. This seriously causes problems as I have been known to be stubborn when it comes to clothes. This is simply because if you feel good in what you wear you will also look good. In this particular case I had been obsessing over my over the knee leather boots on those colder summer days. I had dreamt of pairing them up with my floral dresses, my oversized button ups, some cutoffs and yes... my daisy shorts. Once I heard of my friends return-to-germany- fancy-dinner-and-drinks get together, It was decided. My boots were going out. The heat that day had been so sweltering hot that even wearing a pair of cut-offs was a burden. This would not stop me. I was well aware of the effects of covering your legs in a thick layer of leather in hot temperatures, I had after all purchased these bad boys in Dubai. These boots compliment my thighs so well when paired up with shorts, it had to be the key point of the outfit. The only option was to cover the rest of me, and I did so with a chunky oversized knit and a big fedora. The choices all together were very unforgiving in the 30ºc weather, but I didn't care I felt great. In clothing my self I felt that battling the heat in leather and knits would be the hardest part of the night, it really wasn't. The fact is I can get so caught up in clothes and creating outfits (despite the weather) I can forget where I am and where I'm going. In this case a smaller german town, where thigh high boots aren't common. Walking around the town made me a little insecure as people would stare and point at my shoes, but the fact is that the more I focused on being the outsider because of my love for these boots the less I realized that I hadn't dressed for the weather. In the end no matter how uncomfortable it was to be stared at and be in such warm weather I loved my boots too much to care. But after the leather became glued to my calfs I learned that maybe the next time it is 30ºc I'll wear something a little more weather appropriate.  

 (M I N D   Y O U R  M A N N E R S   A T T I R E)
(Oversized Knit - Gina Tricot)
(White Tank - Zara)
(Fedora - Hennes&Mauritz)
(Daisy Shorts - Brandy Melville)
(Fringe Purse - A'Gaci)
(Over the Knee Boots - H&M Trend)