Friday, July 25, 2014

Baby Blue & White

 Being in love with clothes the way that I am I feel that putting outfits together (when not under stress) comes naturally. However being a blogger with a blandly hectic schedule shooting the outfits I love doesn't come so naturally. My phone is full of images I've taken on rainy days of intense closet probed outfits I plan to wear. However in between work and a social life that doesn't require heels and sequins 24/7 I don't get to take my imaginative attire out for a spin so often. The problem is the same as it was with my middle school essays. My brain worked too fast for my hands. In handwritten essays sentences where missing key words, such as verbs or nouns, meaning paragraphs where missing full on thoughts and sentences. My brain comes up with too many ways to pair my items up that I don't have time to wear them all no matter how much I love them. Even if I do get a chance to break out one of these outfits I might not have time at the same event to shoot it (no matter how much I wish I could) This causes days where I get frustrated and me and my usual photographer end up driving around Munich in a BMW  with a make shift closet in the trunk. We stop at a location, take photos, go back to the car, I change in the back seat (a talent every classy lady should be able to preform) and we're on to a new location. These days of mass outfit post production really tire me out, and by the fifth or sixth round it starts to feel bland. 
 So was the case with this outfit. In preparing outfits for dinners and nights out in Mallorca my color pallet was pretty limited in the sense I only really thought of white and baby blue outfits. (As seen here, here and here) I wore the two colors so much whilst I was there my friends became tired of it, and I didn't get a chance to actually wear every white&baby blue outfit out of my suitcase. I was distraught, the loose fit pants with my bustier was one of my favorite outfits I was determined to wear it, and if not wear at least shoot it in the beautiful spanish island. In the end I did get to shoot it. The night before was my 20th birthday. We started the night out at the hotel bar drinking wine, moving onto local bars and switching it up to smirnoff ice and cocktails. (Mind you I wasn't wearing this outfit, and nothing that remotely resembled it or my chosen color pallet) About three bars into the night, cocktails got boring and we switched it up to the "pour-in-your-mouth-peach-snaps-by-half-naked-male-models". Life was seriously good. Stumbling around another few hours getting shots here and there we made it to a club. By sunrise we were two friends standing and still going strong. We made it to the beach at around 4am to go skinny dipping. Once we got our clothes back on our salty sea kissed bodies, heels in hand we decided it was time to head home. Both of us with a little too much to drink and no sense of direction, we ended up walking around the bar scene a little longer trying to find our way home, only to realize the Lassie Platform Kurt Geiger's I had lent to my friend were no longer in her possession. I was crushed, the shoes at that point meant everything in the world to me (and this outfit!). We made it back to the beach and hopelessly began searching for the shoes. Thankfully my friend had felt my connection to the shoes and buried them beneath a paddle boat for their protection whilst we were swimming around. By the time we had gotten ourself together, found the Geiger's and made it back to the hotel it was around 8 am. Once reunited with our other friend at the hotel room, and this blogs photographer, we decided right then and there was a good time to shoot an outfit. We were all awake, the rest of the hotel guests were asleep or still trying to return to the hotel so we'd have our pick of locations. I stripped myself from my sandy clothes, fixed my lipstick and put on my baby-blue pants and white bustier combo. A little tipsy and with my seawater-made-hair-do we headed down to the hotel terrace over looking the ocean and shot an outfit. I don't think I could have been any more proud of a hectic forced outfit shoot, because it was so far from bland.
Happy Thursday Babes!

(B A B Y B L U E  & W H I T E  A T T I R E)
(White Tux - Hennes&Mauritz)
(Corset - La Pasionata)
(Blue Trousers - Gina Tricot)
(Platforms - Kurt Geiger)
(White Clutch -  Zara)
(Head Piece - Freedom for Topshop)