Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bae Watch

In spending my last summer between the south of France and the south of Spain I became obsessed with Bae Watching. It turned out in these regions the beach was not meant for tanning but for vogueing. Women on the beach weren't there in tiny bikinis frying their skin to wrinkles, they were on the beach the same way I go out when I shop, in a full on outfit.  The first one I noticed was during one lunch. After seeing girl after girl parading around in a teeny bikini a woman in a frilly lilac one shouldered monokini, with a braided tight high pony tail, oversized leather tote, wedges and cĂ©line sunnies caught my eye. My gaze followed her across the cabana's until she sat down at one that was filled with other women just sitting around on loungers, drinking margaritas like they came off of a Haper's Bazaar swim issue. For them it was completely about how you dressed and I don't think I've seen anything better. After I had notice the one group of women the other began to pop out, this beach was filled with Bae's to watch. 
By this time in my life I have come to the realization that I don't tan. No matter where I've gone and how long I lay in the sun I come back just as pale as I went. However I have come to terms with this, and after seeing these women off the pages of fashion magazines I didn't hesitate switching in my trying-to-tan-kini's into monokinis. Don't get me wrong I love a tan, but for someone who can't tan Bae Watching and being Bae Watched is the next best thing. I swore that the summer of 2014 I would devote my self to the full beach bae look. I paired up my monokinis with my shorts, my maxi skirts, big fedoras, kimonos, heels you name it. Any accessories I had I wore with my monokinis. I spent my 20th birthday carrying around a neon see-through-studded-clutch to the beach while getting hammered. I felt that everything went with my monokinis, and Bae watching was totally appropriate even if I was the only one doing it. (even though I clearly wasn't) I was all set up the summer trip to spain, had my monokinis and kimonos all lined up and I had no doubt of what to wear for those beach days until I ran into TRIANGL swim wear. I was head over heels in love with the neoprene, but I wasn't sure how to wear the bikini Bae Watch style. It should have been fairly simple, monokinis and bikinis can both be worn with kimonos and clutches but my stubborn fashion brain wouldn't let me make the connection. Partially because I swore off bikinis because my skin wouldn't look sun kissed (no need to be so naked for zero results) I brought the bikini along with me just in case my friends brought something that would work with the Jessie Nightfox suit. Low and behold my friend had her oversized neon cape with. This was the first shot I took at Bae Watching with a bikini and I'm quite happy with the results. I guess you don't need a monokini to be a beach bae, and I can't wait to wear more bikini's and go Bae Watching, even if I don't get tan.

(B A E  W A T C H  A T T I R E)

(Jessie Nightfox Bikni - Triangl Swimwear)
(Neon Kimono - Hennes & Mauritz)
(Neoprene Fishnet Tote - Triangl Swimwear)