Tuesday, July 15, 2014

For Love & Lemons

When it comes to my style I like to think that I'm open to a lot of things. I like to take trends from different cultures that I'm exposed to and make it work with the rest of my closet. The same principal is true when it comes to decades of style. Fashion trends are renewed so often it's no surprise I can find pieces in my closet from most era's. The knit lace table cloth turned into clothes from the sixties? check. The mostly unflattering but geo-aesthetically pleasing 90's mom jeans? got it. And the scallop hemmed sequin and fringe detailed pieces inspired by the 1920's? I have enough to go around. I always feel open minded and daring when it comes to trends from specifics, that is until the 70's come up. For some reason me and the 70's have never gotten along. That decade not only makes me mentally uncomfortable with the amount of army green, mustard and brown that was freely used to grace a lot of the interior design (don't even get me started on the stained glass syndrome) but the clothes that were fashionable then don't grace my body in the slightest. Bell bottom jeans? the wide boot leg decreases the length in my legs (Plus my butt isn't made for jeans in the first place) The before mentioned small scale color pallet doesn't suit my skin tone and turtle neck's lack of neck exposure just puts emphasis on the roundness in the already circle shaped thing I call my face. It was silly really, the patterns and details from the 70's I could work with (like fringe) but give me and item and my gag reflex goes on intense mode. I could find nothing enjoyable about the 70's that is until American Hustle came out. It was throughout the million outfit changes of Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence I began to notice what me and the 70's had in common instead of what of the 70's could empty the contents of my stomach. Fedoras: The bigger the better. Backless, Halter and Strapless: the three cuts that I feel flatter my back and shoulders. Maxi cardigans and coats. And finally the over intense V-cut one piece swimsuits. If there was any item more truly 70's that I could actually see my self having in my closet it would be a one piece swimsuit. I don't tan, so the one piece is my new best friend. For me no other company better embraces the classic decade clothing models with a modern twist than american apparel. If the perfect backless-V-cut combo didn't sell me on this bikini, the love for lemons did. I was finally even open minded about the 70's, however I still firmly believe the brown to mustard color ration and stained glasses can go. 
Safe to say when in Mallorca I let my decade flag fly as I wore 90's trousers, Millenium Platforms, 80's blazer and (Believe or not) 70's swim gear turned into a top. I'm really happy me and the 70's worked it out as this is one of my favorite outfits, and I can't wait for my next adventurous decade escapade. If it isn't for love and for lemons I could have never put all these together.
Happy Wednesday x

 (F O R  L O V E  L E M O N S  A T T I R E)
(Lemonkini - American Apparel)
(White Blazer - Hennes&Mauritz)
(Mom Jeans - Topshop)
(Clear Clutch - Mango*Touch)
(White Leather Lassie Platforms - Kurt Geiger)
(Chanel Phone Case - Camden)


  1. beautiful!


  2. Awesome phone case :)

  3. Such a great look! I Love that "shirt" - you look amazing!
    Big Hug
    Hella form advance-your-style.de