Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hay Fever Paradise

Nearly my entire family has suffered from Hay Fever since I can remember. I hadn't understood their pain until last year. For some reason when I was undergoing a stressful time in my life (the IB Exams) my body decided not only to get sinus infection, but also it decided to start having hay fever. The latter of which came back again this year. From the swollen eyes and constant sneezing (which makes me tear up big time) it's hard to wear make-up, or well just mascara and eyeliner really. At work I go commando with my face most of the time, and if I go out I make sure my eyebrows and lips are making a statement.
After not being in school for a while your life schedule changes, summer doesn't start when your school ends, and winter only really begins at christmas. For me summer started when all my old friends returned to Germany. I went from going out once every two weeks to practically going out everynight. And if we didn't go out at night we'd partake in day drinking or what we like to call "Brunch" to keep things classy. After endless nights of going out my feet started to feel the consequences. I had more Band-Aids than nails polish on my toes (thanks to the peep toe vs broken glass dilemma) and more bruises than a tan on my legs. My entire body was a wreck. Something had to change. Either I'd change my shoes or not go out so much. Seeing as me and my friends get together only once a year (where everyone is present) it would have to be my night life attire. It should have been easy, but my love for heels exceeds my personal health on occasions. But I figured I had managed to surpass my hay fever vs make-up dilemma, I could certainly bend my own rules for the sake of saving my feet. I had purchased plenty of classy flats with my mom the past summer, and I had plenty left over from my fitting-in-trying-to-do-standard-girl-style-pahse. So shoes wouldn't be a problem, it'd be finding the right attire that could still compliment my legs the same way heels do to every woman. Searching through my closet I came across a white chiffon top from Monki. (One that I had purchased a year ago and never really worn) The shirt could do two things for me, make me look really short or really fashionably forward (we were heading to another small german town this night) I didn't want to over do it, but I also couldn't wear heels. I didn't hesitate on wearing my blinged out sandals. All I had to do was pair it up with cut-offs and voilá my outfit was done. But as I was strapping them on I heard a familiar groan. I forgot the only other person who truly appreciates and supports these flashy bad boys other than me is my mom. (The last time I wore the shoes out with my sister she nearly died of embarrassment) My friend looked me up and down slowly, pausing when her eyes were focused on the crystals that graced my feet simultaneously turning the corners of her mouth the same way a gag reflex would. I could tell at that moment if I left my house with those shoes on I would never hear the end of it. It was no surprise really as the first time I introduced a friend of mine to the shoes was a disaster. I was about to point out in full pride that I had recently purchased those shoes whilst on a shopping spree, but my friend cut me off to point at the same "hideous pair of grey pool-side-style-sandals covered in crystals" on a mannequin. (A semi-awkward explanatory tale ensued explaining I was in love with the ugly foot wear) To please my friend and part-time-photographer I quickly switched my foot gear to her suggested white faux-snake-skin topshop loafers. (We were running late, I didn't have time to justify my "ugly" sandals) I was still content with my look as my top brought enough elegance to outfit as whole on it's own. As we were running late we decided to shoot the outfit before we arrived at the party (to avoid the whole drunk-face-syndrome I get in photos. RE:My 20th Birthday) The small town was a hay fever paradise as it was surrounded by fields. We stopped at a nearby flower field and in no more than ten minutes we were off again. Arriving at my friends house I felt great about the final choice in shoes, I hadn't worn them out too much yet and they were simple and elegant just like my shirt. (Plus generally less prone to complaints and groaning) I even forgot that I was surrounded by flower fields, and It was then that my hay fever hit me. My eyes swelled up, I had mascara running down my face, and I had nothing to fix the situation. All I could do was hope that people would like my outfit enough to not see my make-up dilemma. I was also grateful we took the photos not just before the drinking began, but before my hay fever hit. I don't think I can pull off Hay Fever with grace and elegance just yet. 

(Hay Fever Paradise Attire)
(Asym White Tank - Monki)
(Cut-off's - Levi's 501)
(Stressed Clutch - ZARA)
(Python slip on's - Topshop)


  1. Super cool pics

    Nice outfit too

    Great work :)

  2. Love the tank :)

  3. Seriously always love your texts! :)

    1. Thank you so much lovely, seriously made my day to read this :) x