Saturday, August 16, 2014

Friday Night Business Casual

I once read somewhere that when in doubt over dress code leave the statement for your shoes. If they're the wrong fit for the occasion you can always hide your feet under a table. I find it hard to let the success of an outfit at a mystery event completely depend on wether or not the party has tables as deco and even more so chairs to aid my feet casually slip under said tables. I mean I'm the girl who started shopping for prom in september (the event wasn't until mid-april) and the girl who had her graduation dress picked since day one of the IB. Whilst growing up I always made it a point to even dress for less special occasion's, such as the first day of each school year, by theme that I hand picked and carefully thought over for at least a good month. This particular collection of themes included the seventh grade Avril Lavigne inspired "I'm-a-tough-independant-girly-girl" (meaning hot pink tops, "skinny" jeans and obscene prints) and the 9th grade "I-want-to-look-like-a-standard-girl-so-boys-will-like-me" (meaning obscenely tight clothes and low cut tops....two things that don't work with my body). So when prepping for an occasion I do one or both of two things; 1.Meticulously ask for the dress code set by the host (from the minute I receive the invitation until five minutes before the party) and 2.Ask other party guests I know about their evening wear plans. If TOK in the IB taught me anything it was that people perceive things differently. My idea of Casual Chic can be and usually is completely different to that of my friends, and when it gets to the new-wave (basically made up) dress codes such as "Friday Night Business Casual" I can get totally lost. And seriously who does business on a friday night....legally?
My mother learnt this lesson the hard way, and so did I by watching her. She had an invitation to a party hosted by one of my dads old frat brothers parties that stated "Guest's should dress accordingly to the time period" and a vintage sketch of the college frat signaling the guests to dress according to the 80's. For a good week in advance she carefully planned her outfit in total exicetment. From the adding of shoulder pads to her sweater and lot's of extra volume to her hair she looked the part. I remember feeling proud that I had found her a vintage 80's style tie-die oversized head band that my mom absolutely adored (not because it looked good, but because it was so hideously 80's) She grabbed her quilted clutch and was out the door...only to return after an hour. She had gotten to the party, mingled for a good 15 minutes to realize the only people in dress code were the brethren of the frat house. The non-members were all dressed in modern clothes. Feeling utterly idiotic for misunderstanding the dress code she quickly pulled out PLAN-B (a modern outfit for parties of this sort) and headed out again to join the party as if she had never left. It was after this incident I always inquire the exact details and extent of the dress code. Even if it is for casual meetings. Like in this case meeting with a photographer friend who I'm new to but want to impress. Keep it casual or go for the more impressive thought through outfit.. all in all I couldn't have gone wrong in choosing a comfy crew neck, like my one from Feral stuff, and pairing it up with mom jeans and heeled boots. Screw you Friday Night Business Casual, this round was won by me.

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  1. I think you should dye your eyebrows to get a more natural look x

  2. I think you should go with dark short hair! �� you had posted awhile ago on instagram. It would look ah-mazing on you!