Sunday, August 24, 2014

In the Nude.

This summer in comparison to the last was hardly a summer. Not only did the weather disappoint but so did the opportunity to take off and experience the world. Last summer's island hopping, and enjoying the warmth of the south was traded in for a summer of hard work, prepping my transition and falling in love.....over and over again.... from the S/S14 to the A/W14 collections. At least I didn't have to spend my summer alone. The amount of time I was spending with clothes made me realize that as much as I love the possibilities layering brings during spring and autumn, I love the coatless nights that come with summer. The warm breeze on bare legs is what I yearn for from this season. Summer brings the possibility to be "In-The-Nude"end of the clothing spectrum making it the best season to be minimal. Nothing better than heat induced nudity. But as stated before this summer wasn't gracious or generous in the manner in which it presented sunshine filled days and warm breezy nights, leaving me alone in the nude. However upset I was over the fact that the heat hadn't turned up all summer, I decided to be an optimist and plan on bringing my summer minimalism into the painfully pre-mature fall weather.
Which in turn perfectly floats my boat since I am currently obsessing over:
a)The magical spectrum of the Beige Rainbow
b)Geometrical shapes and intricate details
c)Monochrome Minimalism
Which is exactly what put this outfit together, and what better time to bring out some of that beloved layering fall time allows with the classic trench. Even though the weather isn't optimal I can't wait to enjoy the autumn weather the nude.


(In The Nude Attire)

(Lace Crop - Topshop)
(Nude Flute Skirt - Zara)
(Nude Heels - XXI)
(Classic Trench - Hennes&Mauritz)

( &


  1. I love love love your sense of style!

  2. Why is there only one photo of the trench?

    1. I still personally love summer outfits without a coat :)