Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Settle Down

As a TCK, and an experienced one at that, I like to think that I'm curious, spontaneous and inquisitive and that those aspects create a force within that drives me to learn about my surroundings. However unfortunately that "force" is coupled with anxiety, shyness and a hint refusal to let go of my comfort zone, which makes me ashamed to say that after a season as long as gossip girl spent in munich I haven't explored much. The last few months whilst I still live here I fully intend to take advantage of the beautiful Munich surroundings, from the Englischer gardens, to the southern mountains, the country roads and the beautiful city streets. And as long as the summer breeze lasts I refuse to get rid of my short dresses and boho curls.. even if I have broken out the fall jacket and autumn boots.

Settle Down Attire
(Fedora - Hennes&Mauritz)
(Biker Coat - Zara)
(Floral Dress - Brandy & Melville)
(Ankle Boots - Zara)

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