Thursday, August 28, 2014

The one about open toed boots

 There are so many things out there that I wear that people don't agree with and many times a family member or a friend will take a good hard look at me, up and down, and ask "Are you really going to wear that?". My answer is usually via a blank stare (meaning yes) which then usually is followed by a groan or the even more gracious "I'm so embarrassed to be seen with you". In short the items in my closet that make the top ten in this category include;

1. My blinged out sandals
2. The socks I wear with said sandals
3. My white jean knicker shorts
4. The white oversized sun hat (something my fair skin really appreciates)
5. The faux leather runner shorts
6. The Faux leather tee
7. The Mickey Mouse Sunnies
8. The umpire style summer dress
9. The spiked out ring clutch
10. (and my favorite) Multi-glitter Foxy's by his majesty, Jefferey Campbell.
(the secret number 11. My Hair)

In the end I'm the one wearing it, all you have to do is look. If you don't like it, it isn't that hard to look somewhere else. But I get were these people are coming from. Everyone has a personal taste, and no matter how close you can be to someone your taste won't be. I very much understand where these people are coming from because I do the exact same process, albeit in my head. Currently there are a various amount of items that I don't exactly love or even like, but I'm able to enjoy the aesthetics others create with these....uhm.... "questionable" items.
This list includes, but is not limited to, items such as;

1.Loose legged capri slacks
2. Wide boot cut jeans (70's style)
3. Wedges 
4. Hip Huggers
5. Capri sweat pants
6. Poodle skirts
7. Turtle necks
8. Open toed boots

When it comes to fashion most of these things I can get over and eventually even love. But I had the hardest time loving open toed boots. My reasons where two fold.
1. Practicality. The logic behind open toed boots didn't exist. Boots are for winter. I live in a place that experiences cold and occasionally harsh winter conditions. "Oh let me just buy boots that expose my toes to frost bite. Not like I need all ten anyways." And 2. Peep toe shoes give weird tan lines.... Ok, so I don't tan.. But I felt that if logic and practicality couldn't get you to team up with me against these shoes then a beauty scare might ;) 
Ever since the peep-toe boot fashion started I've been ranting to my friends on and on about the illogical existence of such an item. I was sure people were bound to catch on, or catch a cold, soon enough and the manufacturing of the boots would end. I was wrong. I was even more wrong when I thought that I could never love such a shoe. The minute me and the black open-heeled-three-strap-silver-detail-open-toed (yes open toed!) boots met it was love. Needless to say when it comes to love logic doesn't exist. These boots became my addiction, they were my go to shoe for anything. From occasions such as (but still not limited to) "Dress like you'll run into your ex" and the even more gracious Beyonce style "I woke up like this and now I'm taking out the trash" the boots and my feet became one. In short prejudice in fashion is easy to conceive because we all have our personal taste in style. Two good ways to combat that prejudice and enjoy fashion for what it really is: (great aesthetics on the human body)

1. Look at clothing like you would at art, sometimes you get art, sometimes you don't.
2.Pin-point at least one item you like on the whole.. if that item doesn't exist pin-point one positive aspect you like in the outfit (E.G Your coat is so fluffy, does it keep you warm?)

Even though I learned never to say never (no thanks to Justin Bieber or my mom trying to make me eat egg plant) the hard way, I'm still going to say never to a few items. I mean a person can only look so good in so many things, and spread a certain amount of love for the things you don't really appreciate, there is bound to be room for one thing that will never be found in my closet.
 This list includes items such as;


(White Dress - TRF by Zara)
(White Clutch - Zara)


  1. You're look great in that white dress and the open toes boots are just icing on the cake...monochrome cake in this case.

    I must say I do like this trend...but hey I also love mules...and I'm not afraid to admit there is a special place in my heart for ugly pretty shoes!

    1. I'm currently also getting more and more obsessed with mules, and ugly-pretty shoes and bags are what can turn an outfit from bland to extremely interesting :)
      thank you so much for the comment gorgeous x

  2. I love your jewelry so much, you pair it so well with all your clothes :)))

    1. thank you so much :) this particular piece was by Urbiana jewels based here in London, be sure to check them out for amazing offers x