Thursday, September 18, 2014


Everybody has that one outfit, the go-to attire if you will, that no matter why, when or where you put it on, you look at yourself and think "wow this is bitchin'". You strut around thinking you're the shit, so your confidence goes so high everybody else around you has to stop, take a good look at you and think "wow, (s)he's bitchin'". How you find the attire and the duration of the relationship completely depends on you. Sometimes you and the one can last a life time, others find the one every day, and for most (including me) you find the one seasonally. My seasons however depend on my mind. Not that I decided that December is the new June but more so in the sense that currently it's nearly October and I'm still refusing to let go of summer. (This however is mainly because I didn't fight hard enough to keep spring around... I know better this time) In my fight for summer I realized the white pair of on sale bought shorts had, in the midst of my busy work schedule, gone close to unused. 
How did I find this out you may ask, seeing as 1.My memory is like that of a goldfish, 2.I spend more time at work or out with friends than at home 3.I have more clothes in my closet than money in my bank and 4. I have more clothes lying around on my floor, shelves, couch and (yes) even the still unpacked moving boxes from my last change of address than in my closet. It's simple. I'm clumsy, I don't have a single item of white clothing that hasn't got a stain, or accidental mark of some sort. This pair was squeaky clean... and it still had the tags on. Definitely something I hand't worn a lot.
I intended to change that, wether everybody else knew it was september already or not. When I first purchased these shorts I had intended to wear it an all white combo, but finding a top that was the same shade of white, that I already owned, was tough. The longer it took me to find one the colder it got outside, and eventually I began looking into white sweaters...of which I own none. Thankfully through another good "closet" (I use this term loosely, my closet doesn't even contain 60% of my clothes) probing session I ran into my crew love, the heather grey Céline. It was light on the outside, thick on the inside, it would look effortless and keep me warm. So I paired it up with the skort. Not my number one choice but on the bright side with the thickness of the sweater no one would ever notice that the waist line had become one size too big since I bought it. 
Don't even get me started on how perfect the Chanel purse phone case is, being busy at work it's easier not to walk around with a big tote (I always loose things in a big tote). I have my phone wrapped around my neck, cash stuffed in my bra and my keys in my pocket, what else does a working girl need? 
Needless to say the convenience provided by the purse phone case, the warmth of the crew neck and the all white attire bottoms made this my #Bitchin' outfit of the "summer" season. Hopefully by the time I move to London, I can still keep this one up. 
Happy Thursday!

(Céline inspired Crew Neck - Camden)
(White Skort - Zara)
(Oversized Watch - Miss Selfridge)
(Chanel inspired Phones Case - Camden)
(Python slip-ons - Topshop)


  1. love love love your phone case!

  2. I love your sense of style. You look like one of those people I could see walking down the streets and just get intimidated by because you dress so well, it's unbelievable, but I love it.

  3. this look is too perfect too bad it's almost october... :D

  4. you should do a makeup tutorial, I love your constant natural look, although it also wouldn't hurt to see you try some other make-up styles too ((: