Thursday, October 30, 2014

Buddha's & Flamingo's

It's not always that you find fresh, inspiring and down right sick new designs and concepts in Fashion since most ideas and designs constantly get upgraded and recycled just like any apple product. Which is why I was thrilled at the opportunity to have another chance to work with Feral Stuff, the innovative company from Hamburg. When it comes to fashion I love choice and I love things that are unisex fit. Both of which Feral Stuff does. The unisex side mainly because I love the contrast boyfriend fit items create and as much as I love rummaging through my boyfriends closet for such items, it doesn't hurt to own some of it yourself. (There's only so much I can take from your his closet without him getting suspicious) And choice, well that's every girls dream in an outfit. I love making decisions and seeing how they change your look. The difference of something so little as wearing red lipstick and pink lipstick totally changes the out come. As with the decision between socks or no socks with heels, skinny jeans or mom jeans. All of these little decisions make a big impact and I love it. How many times do you find an item and you just can't decide on which color to buy? Occasionally I'll justify myself two different colors, but there are times when I go overboard and go with four. That's why it's great to have a crew neck I can change the design on depending on my mood, and what I want to pair my crew neck with. Less fuss and more choice. It's no secret that I'm a big lover of any crew neck, especially when it's a little oversized and creates contrast. But my love for them has grown more now then ever, with the start of uni and running in between lectures and work crew necks are not only fashionable and comfortable but they keep me warm. Here are two of the looks I created and wore this week, thanks to all the choice the removable patch system creates. Now all I have to do is decide wether or not I feel like Buddah's or Flamingo's.

(Buddha's&Flamingos Attire)
(Sequin Dress - Stylemoi)
(Oxford Button up - Brandy&Melville)
(Black Lace Skirt - Forever 21)
(Cutoutboots - Hennes&Mauritz)
(Heeled Boots - Primark)