Saturday, October 4, 2014

Kew Gardens

KEW GARDENS For a day that was going to be spent visiting the beautiful botanical gardens at Kew Center in south London I was totally prepared to break out my new amazing nude body con with leather lining and electric blue eyelash trim lace panel detailing. Only problem? I'm living out of a suitcase...that I packed after a day at the wiesen. And trust me when I say if you're ever moving, and go out the day/night before you leave do not and I repeat do not decided to repack all of your belongings whilst drunk. It never ends well. I moved to the north with no coat and no heels. Naturally I was trumped. I had a fantastic dress, an amazing lunch meeting in and amazing location and well I only had the dress. I immediately began probing through my small scale suitcase for items that may work with my new favorite dress but to no avail. The next step was to do the same for my roommates closet. The one thing I really enjoy about the college life. By having a roommate I get two closets, one of which is totally brand new to me and is a complete library of the British style that I do not yet possess but quickly want to acquire... to certain extent that is. In doing justice to this dress and my new location, and not wanting to appear boring at the days meetings, I paired up the lace detailed dress faux leather mules. I'm still in total disbelief I've moved to London, and I'm falling a little bit more in love with the city each and everyday I've spent here. From the lovely Kew Gardens to the business of Oxford street I can't wait to share it with you all. Happy Saturday!

(K E W  G A R D E N S  A T T I R E)
(Leather Backpack - Zara)
(Platform Faux Leather Mules - River Island)


  1. Love the look! The mules go so perfectly with the bodycon <3

  2. That dress is perfect! Where's it from?

    1. Thank you so much, it's from :) x