Friday, October 17, 2014

Secret Layers

When it comes to shiny things and diamond rings I'm in love. However as obvious as it is there is only so much glitter,feathers,sequins...well anything obnoxiously flamboyant you can wear before 5pm on any day. (Sundays Exempt) And I say 5pm because that's world recognized as the approved time to start cocktail hour. (My local joint however did us the favor and starts theirs at 4pm, you know for those really bad days at work) And by obnoxiously flamboyant I mean like the level of cocktail hour chic where it's so ugly it works. This all sequin silver body-con is one of those items. It's one of my all time favorite garments, but with a busy schedule it's not always possibly to wear it out as much as I want, even if I do get a few nights off there's that unwritten rule of not repeating outfits. Seriously whatever happened to the etiquette of wearing what you want when you want? (even when you do it twice in a week) As a boss-ass kindergartner that never stopped me, my favorite shirt? sure it'd work for both monday and wednesday. Never mind the fact I'd throw in my princess mulan nightgown for tuesdays, Bell's ball gown (the tutu version of course) for thursday's and fridays would be mix and match print day. The minute I received this amazing gift from stylemoi I was obsessed with the dress, I loved how shiny it was, and how amazing I felt in it. It became my new goal (it replaced getting cosmopolitan-drunk before 5pm on a tuesday)It wasn't until I was in my bitter "Summer-can't-be-over-there-wasn't-enough-heat-to-call-it-a-summer" phase that I was reading about the great things that fall fashion brings out of our closets that it hit me; the number one amazing thing about autumn is layering, and what is layering good for? Hiding sequins before 5pm occasions. I opted for my oversized oxford button down over this beautiful sequin dress in order to keep it a tad more casual for the lunch meeting at the Rum Kitchen in SoHo. Needless to say a secret layer of sequins is my all time favorite secret this season. Happy Friday!

(S E C R E T  L A Y E R S  A T T I R E)
(Oxford button-up - Brandy&Melville)
(White Envelope Clutch - Zara)
(Platform Boots - Primark)