Thursday, November 13, 2014

Poncho’s & Knee High’s

If you’re looking for the definition of a love hate relationship me and these boots are it. The heeled leather knee high boots are aesthetic perfection and ever since we first bumped into each other way back when in the Dubai Mall we were inseparable. I couldn’t obviously wear the boots while I remained at my job in Dubai (trust me I tried and learnt my lesson), but the minute I was off duty and in an air-conditioned environment (which Dubai thankfully has plenty of) these babies were on my feet. They could go with everything in my closet, and they could complete any look I was going for. A loose floral dress and me wanting to be that nonchalant woman in a parisian café, the boots were there. Wearing jeans and wanting to have the raw feminine power of cat woman, the boots were there. The boots basically turned from a nineteen year old girl into a twenty year old woman.. ok maybe I’m exaggerating but the boots make a statement and I love it. The boots fix my posture and make my legs look ten times better than what they actually are, whats not to love? 
Well I’ll tell you. The issue with the boots is the heel. As much greatness that the heel on these boots provide it’s literally an invisible enemy. They feel so natural to wear that the extra added on height becomes a totally foreign concept to me. The beauty of the boots and the love I have for them make me blind as I constantly bump into things that I could with my natural short height easily have walked under without bending my knees. Walking into beams, low hung lamps, wall fixtures, high cupboards. You name it these boots made sure my head ran into it. The worst however is with the car. I love to wear these boots when driving, mainly because i’m fixated on the way an outfit is impacted when I come out of the car boots first. Getting it out smooth sailing, getting into the car is hell. I constantly bump my head against the top of the door because I don’t bend down enough to get in, and scrape my knees on the steering wheel because I forget to readjust the seat.This was always the case back in Dubai when I was trying to get into a Porsche with these boots. The car’s architecture was already a nightmare as is because it’s impossibly small to get into, and once inside you feel as if you’ve shrunk 10 sizes in one go. Me and the car never truly found harmony. One unfortunate day as I was rushing to get to work in the sweltering heat and had these bad boys on my feet I ran head first into the side of the car while swiftly trying to get in. Safe to say I didn’t drive anywhere that day. If it wasn’t the heat, or the side of the car that had been “lowered” to my head height, it had to have been the boots. As amazing as they feel, and even better, as amazing as they look, these boots are meant for the more finer things in life. Like lunch with your boyfriend or the casual tea you have with your boss explaining why you couldn’t do your job. Your boots were so amazing they made you black out. (Not because you ran head first into the car door)
I’ve learnt my lesson, beauty really is pain. (And also full of silly excuses for not doing your job, like why breaking your nails during Pilates exempts your from doing the dishes)
Happy Thursday !



  1. Dear Lotta! You look fabulous! The dress, the hat, the poncho and of course the boots are amazing. And the story about the boots is really funny. So please take care!

    Nadine from Vienna