Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tennis Court

Ever since I was little I've always loved tennis. Not because of the sport itself, but the sport attire and the level of classiness that it's surrounded by. My lack of hand eye coordination made the sporadic 6 years I spent trying to learn tennis all in vain.This however never made me feel bad since I always got to wear two piece suits (which included crop tops and knife pleated skirts, very fashion forward at the time.) Made from spandex of course, but that never stopped me. I guess when I was little I wasn't very into learning tennis, to be honest I was more interested in learning "How to Tennis". This obsession kind of stayed with me until this day and when the magic of Tennis Courts caught the eye of the big leagues, I was in total awe. One piece that caught my eye was the topshop skirt fitted with a knife pleat sheer layer and tennis style sweat band waist line. It was the perfect tool to rekindle my relationship to tennis... or more so my obsession on "how to tennis". A style which really fits the city and let's my childhood principles come to play.. As noted before my transition to London (as any time I've been to London in the past year) did not go smoothly, and the foreigner factor really is hard to get used to, so I feel if I start with my relationship to clothes in no time I'll fit in to London.
The Elements of Tennis(aesthetics):
-Classy Factor
-Focus on Exterior (Knife pleats, two piece suits, bulky accessories)
-Casual mixed with Elegance
When I wear this outfit I feel myself transform into the level poise and elegance one must posses to "play" with London. So far it's London 3 Lotta 0 (Based on the success of elegance in my past endeavors here) and London has successfully served the first few hits, but the balls in my court now.

Happy Thursday!

(Tennis Court Attire)
(Long Sleeve Crop Tee - Forever 21)
(Tennis Midi Skirt - Topshop)
(Mules - River Island)

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