Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Cheeseburger Coat

Not that I don't love my knee length faux-fur leopard coat but this cropped plain faux-fur takes the cake. It's the perfect fix to my fall sadness, and our relationship was the pick me up I needed from the transition from Munich to London. Not just because it's easy to wear and fits in with my the rest of my closet (no intense closet probing sessions needed) but because our relationship is based on Cheeseburgers. And boy oh boy do I love cheeseburgers. There was a time me and a fellow "fitness-freak-swim-team-member" used to have a post hard core work out ritual; Cheeseburgers from the corner deli off our train station. Nothing felt better than two cheeseburgers after work outs and endless timed laps at the pool. NOTHING. (My current obsession the Hawaiin burger joint at Carnaby street here in SoHo, delicious sweet potato fries and jugs of sangria. Isn't too bad either, plus it's on the corner of the same block from my campus. #Loveit) The thing about this coat is that It reminds me of cheeseburgers too, so in a way every time I wear it I'm wrapped up in a cheeseburger. And that's the extent of our relationship. Not because It has cheeseburgers in it (unlike any other coat I put on after a night out... there's usually a cheeseburger in the pocket) or because I've eaten a cheeseburger while wearing it (that is bound to happen though) but because of the girl I bought it from. There was a month at my old job were every time one of my co-workers would have a shift the same time as me I'd smell cheeseburgers. It only ever happened when she was around but those times were the best times. It came to be she ordered this faux fur coat off choies and decided it wasn't a perfect fit, however the minute I saw her coat I fell in love. Long story short I bought it off her and named it the cheeseburger coat, cause every time I do wear it I feel like eating cheeseburgers, and theres no feeling better than that of lusting over a cheeseburger. That is why kids, me and this coat are made for each other.
Happy Thursday!