Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Lotta Leather Jacket

There are seriously no words right now to describe my emotions. If there were they would be alongside words with such meanings as excitement, pride, love, ecstasy and nirvana. Sort of. Even typing this has my hands shaking from complete happiness. 
I’ve been dying to share this project with you guys for the longest time and now I finally can. 
We’ve been working on this range of leather jackets since early August and gone through the whole process from designing the jackets in beautiful Italy, to going through fittings to find the flaws and possible changes needed to finally having them be presented in both the Munich and Berlin stores. When I was first taken abroad the project I was confused, mainly because I wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing and why someone would hire a 20 year old style consultant.  My professional background at this point consisted of my awkward social skills, the ability to fold almost any garment into a square and being the girl always half dressed (no matter what the weather). When the opportunity came along I took it, or more so just blended into the situation. My original job was to create a few mood boards based on our customer profile, to be added to group of other mood boards. This was easy as I drew inspiration from architecture and the biker gang lifestyle in the 60’s. The structured shapes embodying freedom and the mere joy of being alive led me to admire the modern woman. The woman who is on the go in need of luxury in her busy life, the woman who does what she wants when she wants. The woman who embodies her femininity and isn’t afraid of getting what she wants. The woman who above all believes in herself.
 Eventually I was asked to accompany the team to Italy to help create the prototypes for the first leather jacket line. The whole situation was a serious dream come true. Up until this point in my life I was beginning to believe that no day would ever match the greatness that occurred on May 16th 2005. The day I went to the zoo AND to the theme park. Trust me, as someone with a sugar tooth bigger than Nicki Minaj’s booty, getting to go to two events in locations I loved and being constantly handed goody bags of free candy and sweets, made sure that not many other days have matched that level of pure happiness. (I can easily tell you the worst day of my life was the one after that. No zoo, no theme park and the worst candy hangover any 11 year old had ever had) That is until I was lucky to be apart of creating this baby. I think I’ve only ever really had two major dreams in life.
1)Go to the zoo and the theme park on the same day and
2)Have something named after me (granted I thought it was always going to be a type of street sign that was made for tourists)
With having completed them both by the time I turned twenty I guess I have some free time on my hands to twiddle my thumbs… just kidding don’t worry I’m already starting the next project.
In all seriousness I am so unbelievably glad I was allowed to be a part of the team behind these one of a kind leather jackets, I feel so lucky to have had this chance and I am beyond humble and honoured one of the jackets was named after me. 

Major thanks to the Team in Germany ! miss you babes



  1. Love your coat, you really deserve it!

  2. Loving your blog and style!


  3. So well done Lotta!

  4. What stores is the jacket in?

  5. Nice look! I started to follow you on bloglovin, waiting for you

  6. the jacket is sold at the munich brandy melville at least!

  7. Oh wow that's so exciting! It looks amazing :) xxx

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