Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas: Fuck Traditions Edition

Happy Holidays Babes!
This christmas was special for me, not only because it was my first christmas not living at home (granted I was living without my family in Dubai last year but not alone) but also because this year for some reason my family thought "fuck traditions". At first I was very skeptical about our "new" christmas plans, and this says a lot seeing as I'm used to adapting our traditions to whatever location we are at as a family. From Shanghai to California we've always managed to bring our Finnish traditions with us and make our christmas the way it would be back over in Finland. No Christmas has ever been alike but our quirky non-traditional traditions have always stayed put. This year however we spent the entire christmas Eve travelling, we skipped our traditional fast food christmas breakfast (don't ask me why, but in Finland us, my grandpa and all my cousins eat burgers together for christmas breakfast) and had our what normally is an intimate, fancy gathering at a hotel. I was very not OK with any of these changes, even last year just because the Russian Ballet company had decided to change both the classic routines & order of performances in the nut cracker I felt like christmas was ruined. I honestly despised the lack of christmas tradition on christmas, seeing as you don't even get the joy and excitement of christmas the same way you do as a child, but I felt worse for letting my family know that their carefully thought out plan was bothering me. I guess in the end however doing christmas on a clean slate this year has it's advantages.
1: We had a christmas tree here at the alpine hotel. (At home we have too many allergies for us to have a christmas tree)
2: We actually had snow on christmas, and a lovely blizzard on christmas day.
3: I still got to wear the most amazing First Chance Dress by Styligion. 
It may not be traditional, but at least it was cozy. 


  1. Merry Christmas Babe!

  2. Love the look, I hope you had a wonderful time after all :)