Sunday, December 21, 2014

Getting Healthy Pt.2

Since my last health post about wanting to better my mind by bettering my body, and by this I mean setting off a fire alarm and meeting all my neighbours at once, I’ve unfortunately had a bit of an unforeseen hiccup that has drastically effected my workouts. By this time I had started to feel more comfortable around England and it’s wrong sided traffic, that I was preparing myself for my first ever british jog. Only to re-run into my fifth grade knee problems. This can be better explained by the shaky relationship I have with my body. By this I mean:
-My toes can no longer take being banged against furniture edges (in and out of the dark)
-My hair doesn’t like getting caught on the jewellery and zippers on a daily basis and being ripped out
-My chin can’t take anymore punches that occur when my butter fingers slip while I’m quickly trying to fix a top/bra/bandeau situation.
-My wrists can no longer endure the spontaneous reception of my total body weight upon them when I inevitably trip and fall (Flash back to the 2005 five incident of the sprained wrist due to changing my pants)
-And finally my skin cannot take the irritation of studs, spikes and sequins that rec havoc on the nights outfit.
I know, and my friends know, that I’m known to be clumsy (case study: The scar on my ankle. Cause of scar: Missed the soccer ball kicked my own foot instead) but this is no excuse. From time to time, like any body of hard working individuals, enough is enough and you must retaliate, this time it’s unbearable completely arbitrary knee pain. The plus side? According to the lovely Pheonixlovechild the limp my wonky knee gives me makes me look like Robo Cop after a long night out. At least I can still entertain through the pain right?
 So in short you’ll have to wait for a future fitness update to hear all about my first british jog. But until then, here’s some of my favourite stretches and yogilates positions I do to fix my wonky knee and to keep a healthier lifestyle. Trust me I learn from my mistakes and this time I stayed way far away from any frier. (Still kept the emergency stilettos with me though) For now I'll keep working out with my number one homie, Ines.
Happy Sunday !

(Sports Top - Hennes & Mauritz)
(Running Leggings - Nike)
(Black Trainers - Nike)


  1. holy crap you're like perfect :O

  2. Would love to get in shape but have no motivation, will definately try in the new year. Found your blog through instagram and love it, your style is so cool x

  3. thanks for reminding me that I should go work out right now.