Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pretty In Pink

Pink. Such a perky word, always loved it. As a color? not so much. Well only if it’s in accessories. This jacket is a lot more pink then it was online. huh. It’s not fashionable pastel pink. It’s barbie pink. I’ll look like barbie. Even worse if I wear this coat I’ll look like my 6th birthday barbie cake. The frosting on her ball gown was delicious.. the clown wasn’t so great though. Wearing this coat I might as well slip on a tutu and act all naive and well.. blond. Oh my god am I that girl? The one that lies about her age? Not intentionally, but through the way I dress? Ok wow. Not wearing knee high socks ever again. I’m not twelve anymore… nor do I go to school in Japan. Come on you're twenty, you can make pink look sophisticated. 

Ok just try the coat on. Maybe the pink looks good on you? You used to love pink when you were like five. Yeah but when you were five you also loved anything sequinned, feathery or with rainbows. Wow the sleeves are tight. Ok no. I look like Elle from legally blonde. I know for sure I’m not that girl. Could I be anymore pink? There’s got to be a way you can fit this in your closet. Ok for starters Lotta, loose the pink purse.
Loosing the pink purse! Check.
Secondly, I know it’s very pink, and not the kind you particularly like but it’s a statement. So monochrome? But that’s so obvious. I guess you could always just keep it as a flasher coat. Nobody will ever expect a full body flash from someone in a pink coat. Woah you’re that girl? You can’t even be naked when you’re alone, how would you do it under a coat? right... true.  And you're definitely not that girl.

The coat is solid. Pink makes you pretty. Does it though? Or do I look like piglet? You used to love piglet though. Yeah but you’re not that girl, you don’t play with toys anymore. But you are the girl who hides her stuffed animals on your bed when you boyfriend visits. Doesn't mean I play with them. I see your point. Maybe I am a girl who can be pretty in pink. I just need to make it my own.
Don’t go all Avril Lavigne though. Ok. So;
No other pink items.
No Barbie... although Moschino did a good look to it.. you're not Moschino.
No Barbie.
No Legally Blonde.
No Piglet.
No toys.
No hiding the age that your twenty. 
No being a cute little school girl (that’s disturbing)
No boring monochrome. 

Guess I’m just the negative nancy type. Fuck I’m running out of time I need to be there in 15 minutes. You’ll never get there in fifteen minutes, jesus this London you idiot nothing here is fast. Shit shit shit. Ok. Just do the obvious, when it doubt wear black.
Midi lace skirt. Cable knit crop. Mules and tote. Got it. 
Grab my tea tumblr and run out the door. I guess I’ll just always be that girl. The one who's always late and covered in toothpaste stains in her hair. 

At least they’ll forget all that when they see me coming in this pink coat. Do I really look pretty in Pink?



  1. Love the skirt & such a wonderful look!!!:)


  2. Love this outfit...skirt and coat are amazing!


  3. seems like pink is your favorite color!! so is mine!!! love the look!!

    check out my blog:

    1. It might just be my current favorite accent color haha, thank you so much for the comment Masha! :) x