Thursday, January 15, 2015

First Chance

Every new year that comes around I find myself brain washed into the old “new year, new me” mindset. I happily binge eat all the christmas leftovers and then some up until new years eve, which it self brings along a different excessive feast of booze and way too many meals, all under the impression that once midnight strikes, my slate is wiped clean. Meaning that all of those calories will have never existed, and anything morally embarrassing that occurs heavily intoxicated in the name of “fun” will have never happened. (Anybody who dare speak of such, will be punished). But in reality the minute the gin tonics wear off, and you wake up in your bed late in the afternoon, with some sort of pj’s on, make up smudged, hair smelling of cigarettes and your feet in utter pain thanks to the mix of blisters,cuts and bruises, all of that clean fresh slate fog begins to clear, and you realise that a)you’ve either actually hit rock bottom or b)there never really is a “new you” after the “new year”. (A statement I found much more disappointing than that of Santa not actually existing). So in short finding myself in my own bed, and a complete mess on another regular thursday in January, I decided to take matters into my own hands. If I wasn’t going to get a “new me” just because it’s a “new year” at least I can dress like it. There still is nothing better than a crisp fresh LWD to lighten an already wasted day. So first things first, hop in a shower and get dressed, because your crazy friends decided that January first was getting neglected in comparison to December thirty-first, and there is another booze infested feast about to occur of which you need to be apart of. (I swear not for the wine that could potentially cure my hangover, but actually for my friends). What better first chance to celebrate my new found “anti-epiphany” than my overly gorgeous “First Chance Dress” by Styligion? Even if I’m still the same old twenty something girl that got my self into this hungover mess. 



  1. Just saw your comment on Instagram and I'm so glad I checked, I love your style. Your dress looks amazing.

    Have a nice day.