Sunday, January 18, 2015

January Blues

There's always that shift in mood in January where all the new years magic finally does wear off and all your left with are the january blues. In the midsts of realising that it's just another year you either sink or take matters into your own hands. I've been drifting the past few weeks avoiding some big decisions that need to be made, or well more or less ignoring the situations completely (a myth, according to the internet, that 20 year old's need to break. Because apparently ignoring it won't make it go away, however I feel that it's worked so far so good) Because I find myself constantly going back and forth between the two extreme solutions, to no avail. The amount I've shifted my mind and weighed the pro's and con's about every possible outcome reminded me of the weather I experienced in Germany. On one hand it was nice that every other day was spring weather, sunshine and no snow but on the other hand when it did get freezing cold and the tons of snow finally fell it really only then felt like christmas. (Thanks to the former though I was able to wear my open toe sandals at my favourite location in all of Munich) Only a year ago did it seem so clear where I was headed and what I wanted to do, seems crazy that in 12 months I'm exactly back to where I started. Hopefully the January blues lift soon before I sink. Until then a great lesson I learned this week is that two sweaters don't make a coat.
Happy Sunday! 

(January Blues Attire)
(Oversize grey Cardigan - H/M Studio)
(Baby Blue sweater - Hennes&Mauritz)
(Faux Leather Mini - ZARA)
(Fedora - TopShop)
(Nude Heels - XXI)

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  1. Love the combination of the blues, tans and greys gorgeous!