Sunday, February 22, 2015

Botannical Blues

I'm dealing with more issues than dreams these days, and two months into the new years it's too much for me to handle. In the middle of everything thats making me drown, I thought there would be nothing better to beat the blues that don't seem to go away than good company and a botanical getaway. The tropical gardens in the heart of London lifted my spirits instantly, as did the stroll down child hood memory lane every time I wear a pair of dungarees. I've been waiting ages to get my hands on a pair of black overalls, and the fact that these are faux leather makes it even better. Theres nothing more I love than combining casual with business formal (a task I found very handy working the copy machine during my corporate internship) and these overalls fit both categories. Even though the length of these trousers on me make me feel like the I should live in the Shire, I can't help but bathe in the absolute happiness they bring me as a reminder of my childhood.
     Either way for now it feels good to hide out in my own bed back at home for a mental break. I might even dare say I'm enjoying the snow here in Munich. 
Happy Sunday !

(B O T A N N I C A L  B L U E S  A T T I R E)
(Ice Blue Long Line Blazer - Topshop)
(Oxford Button Up - 2ndSkin)
(Faux Leather Overalls -
(Baby Blue Sunnies - Topshop)
(Open ended business boots - ZARA)
(Oversized Watch - Miss Selfridge)