Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tea Times & Gardens

Ever since moving to London there's been one thing I've literally been craving to find, and have found the task seemingly impossible until today. Ever since my first visit to the gorgeous city at the fresh age of four, I've deemed that because the architecture of London is a drop dead gorgeous embodiment of utter class that the city itself culturally bathes in it too. However to my shock, and to the shock of my fellow new-londoners, since moving here, no such standard exists. From my culture shock of no coats and tights on a night out mid winter, to being told I can't go have a drink in a bar because I was a girl wearing pants (god forbid right? ;D) I literally lost hope in finding that sex-and-the-city'esque level of r&r on a weekday, where I don't have to be basically naked or spend my years rent on a cup of whatever to get in. I am a student after all. Honestly finding this slice of serene heaven in the heart of London lightened my mood completely. I didn't even mind paying for the always overpriced tea London serves. I'm too relaxed now to give you any analogies of the lack of class here that have arisen in me and completely drained me in disappointment, so for now, enjoy the serenity of the sky gardens, of great company, and winter sunshine.
Happy Tuesday!
 (Tea Time Attire)
(Dungaree's - Vintage)
(Sweater - Forever 21)
(Faux leather purse - Bershka)
(Sunglasses - Street Market)
(Leather Jacket - Miss Selfridge)
(Heels - Zara)


  1. such cool photos!

  2. Hey Lotta!

    How many views do you get per day on your blog and how long have you been blogging for??