Thursday, March 5, 2015

Holborn Circus & a little bit of Redemption

After spending the past couple of days in meetings, either about my current personal situation or things to do with this blog, it felt great to meet up with some old friends to have some me time. We hit up the redemption bar at Holborn Circus for one reason and one reason only, it's probably the only non-alcoholic bar in town. This was because due to scheduling, and my chronic hangovers I couldn't even risk a glass of wine on my only night out, but to be honest waking up after a night out and not feeling like I had been run over by a train or really humiliated my self was really refreshing. Plus it felt great to change flats into heels for a night, and have some great conversation to sort through the millions of things running through my head.
     Now to finish up the London Business, and head home soon hopefully.
Happy Thursday !

 (H O L B O R N C I R C U S   A T T I R E)
(Faux-fur Jacket - Choies)
(Navy Jumpsuit - Missguided)
(Platform Mules - River Island)


  1. You look amazing!

  2. awesome photos! those shoes are to die for!!
    Emma xx

  3. How come sometimes your boobs look huge and other times you look flatchested.? Im so confused i want mine to look that big!!

  4. oh my gosh this is such a gorgeous outfit, you're so stunning lotta!! xoxox
    ps. when did you buy this jumpsuit? (would they still be in stock?)

  5. So you quit school to focus on a blog you've been doing for years and still only get 1 or 2 comments on per post unless you show your vagina or tits? Good idea babe!

    1. Ok firstly let me just start by saying. You're fooling no one by posting multiple comments 😂 this is just too funny.

      Secondly If you think you're so 'tough' or whatever it is you're trying to portray by posting these highly childish and ridiculous comments I would like you to comment un-annonymously. Please show your face

      3rd. The fact that her life and whatever she decides to do with it are even cause for your concern show just how empty your life must be.

      4th point. Grow Up

    2. She's just not likeable. No personality, no intelligence, no humour, nothing interesting to say. Just a thigh gap and some cleavage.

    3. Then you obviously don't know her. I DARE you to go up to her in person and tell her to her face that to you she is nothing more than "just a thigh gap and some cleavage"... seriously grow up.

    4. As an internet personality (aka a blogger) it's kind of her job to convey those things... you know, online? And for some reason I'm not convinced because she throws her head back, fake laughs, and shoves her boobs together that she's fun.

    5. Still being another blogger bashing another blogger just makes you seem pathetic. What she does when she poses, doesn't make her unlikable. I went to school with her at one time, I wouldn't say we were great friends, but I can tell you she is kind, fun and her style is AH-mazing. So if you're such a great blogger, why are you posting anonymously? Maybe you're the one who is ashamed. Hopefully one day you'll find whatever it is that makes you unhappy fix it and stop bullying other truly amazing people you idiot.

    6. I'm not a blogger, you misunderstood me.

  6. Honestly you look great, no matter what happens I hope you stay happy!