Saturday, March 28, 2015

Pilot Jones

Lately I've been investing all my time into reassuring myself that leaving university was the right thing to do, despite all the negativity around me, and false rumours that have started to cause anxiety that eats into my sleep. It's been hard, and I'm only at the beginning, and the realisation that right now despite what I really want the most, I need to take a hint and work on myself. Get back into shape, back into routine and back into living somewhat of a life and not hiding in humiliation of being back at square one. The first step is to stop comparing myself to others, some people just move on faster than others, personally I need my time. The next step in my program was to do my yearly visit to my actual 'home' country, and focus some energy on my long-distance-family. The actual group of people who when they say they'll be there for you, aren't pretending.
Every time I travel I refuse to be one of those people caught in sweatpants or pyjamas, even when it's a red-eye or long distance flight. This however isn't such a great trait of mine since I'm more or less prone to anxiety. With my current situation about feeling absolutely lost and lonely, this time was no different. The way I dress always got in the way of getting super nervous before my flights. I still remember the extreme difficulty I had in a dizzy haze trying to walk at a fast pace in those mini booties with just a few inches of a heel through the airport lounge, as my anxiety kicked in and I could feel my breakfast slowly trying to make it's way back out my mouth. Needless to say, the shoes nearly ensured that half the time I didn't make it to the bathrooms. By now however, thankfully, I've come to the middle ground on my flying gear, comfy minimal things that still look nice. On the plus side I'm so happy the 12 year old me never threw out my old adidas superstars, the are the perfect sneakers right now to finish every look.
Happy Saturday!

(P I L O T  J O N E S  A T T I R E)
(Oversized Knit - Asos)
(Textured Tee - Choies)
(Textured Clutch - Zara)
(Suit Trousers - Forever 21)
(Sneakers - Adidas)


  1. Nice bag and cardigan :) M&MFASHIONBITES
    Maria V.

  2. The course wasn't what you thought it was. Wasting money on something not worth your time is NEVER a mistake. Taking your time to find the right path for you is easier the younger you are, make the most of it. xx

  3. love the double bag combination :D