Saturday, March 7, 2015

Road Trip

Three cheers to the first one of the many that I will undertake this year. Finally realising the potential that a base in Munich has, it's close to everything. Even though the road route from Munich to London isn't probably on that list, the 12 hours it took to get all of my closet moved was worth the trip. (It would have doubled having to log all my suitcases on single flights back and forth).
Basically in short, sitting on the road for a long time I opted for some comfy attired, like the pajama suit I had worn earlier this week, and my favourite sandals.. with socks of course seeing as it is only march.
Sad to say one part of my life is on break, not due to my personal decision but one that was made for me, but the only way forward is to stay positive and just keep on doing things you love.
Lot's of big things coming this year, just can't wait to share them with you!
Happy Saturday!

 (R O A D   T R I P   A T T I R E)
(White Jumpsuit - ZARA)
(Oversized Cardigan - H/M Studio)
(Lotta Leather Jacket)
(Socks - Topshop)
(Diamond Sandals - ZARA)
(Sunglasses - Topshop)
(Phone Case - New Look)


  1. love this outfit!! you should do a post giving tips about layering :) xx

  2. those sandals are to die for especially with the combination with the socks :D :D

  3. your hair is getting so long, are you not going to cut it anymore?
    -Someone super hair-curious ;)

  4. I honestly love your style, the way your wear so much but still make it simple and chic :) I'd love to see you do a post about your closet staples :)

  5. I love those sandals; they're so cute!