Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sticks and Stones, Sir.

I've been sitting on a lot of issues lately, some caused by the constant that, ironically enough, from week to week nothing is the same. So I do apologise that it took me a while to take notice and take action. It's not uncommon on the internet these days for people feeling down, or having a bad day taking out their issues on other people..anonymously. I've had my share of real life bullies to know that I don't need to take what they have to say to heart, also not on the internet. However unfortunately a recent post of mine contemplating my non-existent beauty routine and the products I live by, got a lot of a negative attention. From extremely perverse requests to down right insults on my decision to wear my new favourite Bikini (god forbid not at a beach) to criticising something that's been haunting me since the tender age of thirteen, my body and my weight. In my entire 20 years I've never understood what good it does for you to put someone else down. I have my own sets of insecurities but scrutinising others has never made them go away or get better. The fact is a lot of what is said on the internet would most likely never be said to the person face to face. From an international bully printing out my photos with obscene texts and posting them around my school, to having my weight be a subject of a classroom discussion in the 7th grade, a lot of insecurities where born, but a lot was learned. Therefor when I read anonymous comments (of which I can see who has the same IP address, pretending to be more than one person) claiming that my choice of posing is me "shaming curvier people", or saying my choice to commit to fitness and healthy eating is a distorted and wrong perception of beauty, I'm sorry but I couldn't care less. I know what my intentions where, to share with you my favourite beauty products (along with this kick-ass bikini, and super sick sweater). I know I was in no way body shaming anyone or pretending to be someone I'm not. I'm truly sorry for the rant, I thought it over long and hard how to respond to the rudeness and criticism to make it clear that a)I know who you are posting multiple times pretending to be multiple people and b) I couldn't care less, and this rant seemed to let me say it once and for all. At the end of the day I really only have one comment left for you people clearly stuck wishing formspring was still a cool and acceptable way to bully away your "un"happiness:
What do you gain by the names that you're calling me?


  1. Those people are all just uber jealous! I love your posts and I think you have an amazing body.
    People who write mean comments really need to sort their own lifes out. Recently someone commented on my Instagram that my nose is so huge that it reminds him of Olaf the snowman- very nice indeed.
    I totally understand your little rant and I guess it is a good reminder for people out there xx

  2. Love this post! You or anyone else really doesn't need to listen to anonymous idiots on the internet telling you otherwise :) Keep going babe you're fabulous!

  3. I posted some of the mean comments and I apologise - you're right I was just having a bad day and what started as an honest interest in this seeming obsession with thigh gaps turned defensive and sour when people called it "body shaming" But they were right and you're right it was my own bad day and insecurities that resulted in rudeness. I'm really sorry!

  4. This is great! Those bullying stories of yours sound super crazy!!! I'd really like to hear more about them if I'm honest, I'm interested to see what happened... just because I've never heard of such things.. sounds so weird. Sorry if I'm coming off rude or something.... :S :)